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Lets talk about the perks and pitfalls of aesthetics abroad

Lets talk about the perks and pitfalls of aesthetics abroad

Medical tourism has become increasingly popular in the last few years. It is a practice that consumers are turning to world wide. While medical tourism has many benefits, there are numerous risks involved as well.

The purpose of your excursion would likely be the aesthetic procedure in question, but isn't the idea of combining a new you with a relaxing getaway inviting? I can't think of anyone who wouldn't just melt at the idea! Of course, a vacation is always a yes in my book, but it is important to understand the risks of travel after indulging in a medical enhancement. While some procedures are at lower risk than others, some require a fair amount of down time, limited air travel, and follow up appointments. Coordinating aftercare at a luxury retreat or with a physician close to home may be required.

Cultural and language barriers may also put medical tourists at a disadvantage. Medical tourists may find it difficult to communicate with healthcare professionals and locals while in a foreign country. This can be a bit off-putting and is a reason Cosmé Collective offers our clients the option to have one of our consultants accompany them to appointments. Whether it be as a chaperone or for moral support, a friendly face always makes everything easier and allows for a breath of fresh air.

The most appealing of benefits is of course the price point. Let's use Mexico as an example for a moment. Mexico has become one of the worlds leading destinations for aesthetic enhancement procedures simply because many of it's medical facilities are just as advanced as those you might find in the United States or Europe. Physicians are able to offer their services for significantly lower fees due to their lenient laws on required malpractice insurance (or lack there of.)

On the surface this sounds fantastic! Who doesn't love a discount? Imagine: Louboutin's 50% off! While a lower price is definitely something to get excited about, the risks associated are of great concern. In some countries isn't possible to take legal action against a medical professional for malpractice. You must be certain the physician you are trusting with your health and body is qualified and accredited to do such work.

We can help – Let us take over the stresses of finding a qualified and well trained professional at your desired destination! We will present you with a list of qualified practitioners tailored to your individual needs. We handle everything from your consultation to your aftercare and we understand that relaxation is the key to a happy and healthy recovery.