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A rising de'man'd for male procedures

A rising de'man'd for male procedures

In today's age youth and beauty take priority for both men & women thanks to what you see in the media and magazines. While you might assume the majority of people who decide to go under the knife are women (or elect for non-invasive procedures), the number of men who are undergoing aesthetic procedures is rapidly increasing. Studies have shown that since the year 2010, the cosmetic enhancement industry has seen an increase of just over thirty-two percent in male patients undergoing elective cosmetic surgeries.

There are typically two kinds of men who are seeking cosmetic surgery and while aesthetic enhancement is not limited to any "type" of person, these are the scenario's we've found are most common and have really paved the way for men's aesthetic procedures to become a norm in today's society.

The first and most common of male procedures is referred to as the "Forbes Facelift". Men are electing to go under the knife in hopes of becoming more competitive in the job market. Established businessmen such as CEO's are also undergoing procedures to achieve a more distinguished look. Procedures commonly used to achieve this include a jawline contour, neck lift, eye lift and sometimes liposuction.

The second most common of male procedures caters to the body builder type. Many men are seeking a more chiseled abdomen or more prominent pectoral muscles, as well as glute enhancement. Body Builders often take a "go big or go home" approach and these types of enhancements are more common than you might expect.

While it's true that in the past the cosmetic industry catered more to the aesthetic needs of women, more and more men are taking the plunge and indulging in enhancements that improve their physique, facial features and overall self confidence. Cosmetic procedures are a personal choice and the desire for a better you shouldn't be discarded at the expense of assumed social norms. At Cosme Collective, we understand the stigma behind male cosmetic procedures and are able to help you surpass the norm and find a physician that understands the cosmetic needs and expectations of a male. Allow us to do the work for you! Let us compose a list of qualified practitioners and their services tailored to your desires. From the consultation to the recovery, Cosmé Collective is here to happily guide you through your aesthetic journey.

Eleanor Hartley