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What We Do

What Cosmé Collective Does


The Process

Cosmé Collective supports you in making educated, informed and safe decisions about your desired procedure. Our clinical research, experience and vast international networks connect you to the most accomplished doctors across the globe. Our collective ethos places you at the center of this exciting collaboration, bridging the gap between you and the complex medical field. From unbiased, evidence-based advice, chaperones, overseas liaison and post-operative support, Cosmé Collective is here to meet your every need, curating an aesthetic journey individually tailored to your lifestyle.




Maybe you're new to nips and tucks or you've been under the knife before. Our first consultation will be all about getting to know you, from your favourite brands to your favourite food. Our entire collective revolves around you and your goals. This collaborative approach tailors our services to your every need whether it’s a subtle change or a full body makeover. From what, where, who, why and what-ifs, we want to know everything.


we get it, we're all different


With so many cosmetic clinics, doctors and nurses, a personal touch is often hard to find. Our collective understands that nobody is the same and we all have different goals and ideals. With us your entire journey will be customised to your individual needs. Whether researching and sourcing the best doctor for you or supporting you through the entire process, a personally crafted journey will be mapped out by your Cosmé consultant.


your wants & needs


We know your time is precious, so now sit back and let us do the work. No overwhelming forums and hours of confusing research. Our wealth of clinical experience and dedicated network of experts allows us to liaise with the world’s top doctors and surgeons finding the practitioner who is right for you. Medical jargon can be complex and confusing, so we will translate everything you need into 'layman terms' meaning you are equipped with the knowledge to make empowered, informed choices about your prospective procedure.


the procedure


We will present you with a portfolio of doctors handpicked to meet your needs and all the information you need to know about your desired change. From scheduling consultations to liaising with your chosen clinic, our collective handles everything so you get the most out of meeting your potential doctors. If you wish, we will accompany you to your consultations, whether as a chaperone or simply for moral support.


Accommodating You


Cosmé is a global collective with strong international networks from England to Paris, Beverly Hills to Beirut. Should you need to travel for any part of your aesthetic journey we will take care of everything, from your flights, transfers to accommodation. Should you wish to recover in a luxury health retreat or just take a time out after your procedure, we know that aftercare is key to positive results.


the collective way


Your journey doesn't end after your treatment or surgery. We provide a dedicated aftercare service and your advisor is on hand for your every need, niggle or necessity. The Cosmé ethos means that you will always be a part of our collective - think of us as an exclusive cosmetic club. Our member’s privacy and discretion is paramount but with exclusive access to events, seminars and benefits our collective keeps you at the forefront of the aesthetic and cosmetic industry.  Our goal is to create a seamless aesthetic experience curated to your lifestyle. 

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